Implementation of Predictable Java (PJ) and Safety Critical Java (SCJ)

Predictable Java (PJ) is a Java profile suitable for development of high integrity embedded systems.
It is based on event handlers which are grouped in missions and equipped with respectively private handler memory and shared mission memory.

This PJ implementation uses the RTSJ Reference Implementation from Timesys.

Because of some problems with RTSJ RI from Timesys, we now (June 2011) use Java RTS from Sun (Oracle).

Source code for SCJ using Java RTS from Sun

FTIR Wine Scane Analyser

FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) is an infrared analysis technology used by FOSS for analysis of liquid samples such as milk and wine.
Two implementation examples have been done in Real-Time Java:

The FTIR example is described in Design and implementation of a real-time embedded application.

The source code of the two implementations:

SCJ doc with Comments

This SCJ doc is relative to SCJ Draft, Version 0.79. 16 May 2011. Last updated 20 May 2012. HSO.

A Test Suite for Safety-Critical Java using JML

Last updated 25 March 2014. HSO.

PJ source code using RTSJ RI from Timesys

PJ test examples



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March 2014